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Bonner Solutions
is a professional corporation devoted to providing comprehensive services to individuals as well as to businesses. The founder is Mkay Bonner, Ph.D., a Licensed Industrial Organizational Psychologist. Our main headquarters is located in Calhoun, Louisiana.

The Puzzle
Humans are both unique and complex. Different aspects of personality, heredity, individual experiences, and the external environment combine to contribute to the different pieces of who we are as individuals. All of these pieces are required to complete the puzzle of the person, the individual, the "me", or the "who I am". Interestingly, two synonyms of the term puzzle are problem and mystery.

Through psychology, we endeavor to scientifically understand this puzzle of behavior and mental processes. The worthiness of this endeavor is found in the application of this knowledge to life and work. The ultimate point is to make life and work as good as possible. The skillful use of this psychological knowledge can guide the fit of the complex pieces in each of us toward the culmination of our utmost potential. We no longer have a puzzle, a problem, or a mystery. We now have a solution.

The Solution
Our consultants have experience and expert knowledge in a variety of areas associated with individuals, businesses, and organizations. Our services include problem identification and analysis as well as action plan development and implementation. The relevant areas of psychology will be considered as we address the issues of most importance to our clients. Our ultimate success will be exemplified when clients, either as individuals or organizations, move toward and attain their desired functioning.

Individual Services: With scientific methods, we help each client identify, understand, and obtain their personal goals. Individual analyses may consider many themes such as personality characteristics, mental abilities, development potential, executive potential, couple compatibility, job market matters, and/or economic conditions. We utilize the best assessments in our evaluations. We consider all relevant issues as we address characteristics that may interfere with achievement or enjoyment. Expect the depth of our assessments and the detail of our evaluations to be exemplary. We will deliver more than words. We will deliver solutions.

Business Services: We focus on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees and the organization. Our Business Services range from prescreening applicants to training employees, from evaluating performance to surveying satisfaction, from reducing stress to increasing motivation. We rely on proven methods intermingled with innovative ideas. All consultation and implementation functions are provided with the utmost consideration of legal, financial, and environmental constraints. We will provide more than suggestions. We will provide solutions.

The Mission
The mission of Bonner Solutions & Services is to assist clients by assessing and developing their knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics. Then, we will design a proactive plan for implementation in real life. This assistance and development may occur at the individual level, the group level, or the corporate level. As we strive to achieve these goals, we will at all times utilize expert knowledge and experience while maintaining the highest degree of competency and integrity.

The Fit
Please review the different solutions and services that we provide. You may be interested in an individual evaluation for yourself, a family member, or an employee. You may be curious about a truly local Employee Assistance Program. You may be searching for a crisis management resource. Or, you may need assistance with the selection, evaluation, training, or management of employees. Whether your needs are at an individual, group, or corporate level, trust Bonner Solutions & Services to make all of the pieces of your puzzle fit.

Whether your needs are at an individual, group, or corporate level, trust Bonner Solutions & Services to make all of the pieces of your puzzle fit.

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